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Introduced Fishes in Short-Hydroperiod Wetlands:
Evaluation of Sampling, Status, and Potential Effects
William F. Loftus, Joel C. Trexler, Kristine Dunker, Shawn Liston & Jennifer Rehage

African Jewelfish
Introduced African Jewelfish

Photo by Bill Loftus, USGS


Solution holes eroded into the surface rock of the Everglades have long been thought to provide refuge for a wide variety of aquatic life, particularly during the dry season. Today, a variety of nonnative aquatic organisms inhabit these same areas, often in direct competition with native species.

This study examines the Rocky Glades habitat of eastern Everglades National Park over a three-year period of research. The work reveals a wealth of information on the movement and impacts of nonnative fishes to the ecology of the solution holes and surrounding marsh. The study provides important baseline data for monitoring the effects of future restoration efforts.


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William Loftus, Joel Trexler, Introduced Fishes, Exotic Species, Everglades National Park, Short-hydroperiod Wetlands, CESI

Last updated: June 2, 2021

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