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Coastal Landscape and Channel Evolution Affecting Critical Habitats at
Cape Sable, Everglades National Park, Florida
Harold R. Wanless and Brigitte M. Viaswinkel

A Color Inverted Oblique Aerial Photograph Looking East Along Lake Ingraham.

H. R. Wanless, B. M. Vlaswinkel & K. L. Jackson


The south Florida landscape is susceptible to change from a variety of causes, including sea level rise, tropical disturbances, and human modification. Cape Sable has been described as the proverbial “canary in the coal mine,” as this particular area shows pronounced changes from such factors, and may foreshadow the future of other coastal areas in the park.

This CESI-funded investigation documents both historic conditions and present-day changes on the Cape. The study explores the processes that have led to the sedimentation of inland lakes, salinization of associated wetlands, and the erosion of coastlines. Understanding the dynamics of the area is important in making sound decisions regarding the management of human impacts along the Cape. The results of this study provide managers with important insight into how best to address such issues.


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