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Screening Level Risk Assessment to Determine Potential High Priority Contaminants and Natural Resources at Risk in
Biscayne and Everglades National Parks
Gary M. Rand & Piero R. Gardinali

Map of Endosulfan sulfate distribution
Map of the Spatial Distribution of Endosulfan sulfate in Sediments

Image Courtesy of Rand & Gardinali


The historic Everglades ecosystem is largely recognized as boasting impeccable water quality. Preserving this level of quality remains paramount, both for the health of the ecosystem and for the benefit of millions of residents that tap the 'Glades for their own water supply. Yet with agricultural and urban landscapes growing in close proximity, some contamination seems likely.

This three-year study conducted a screening level ecological risk assessment to evaluate the relationship between exposure to organic and inorganic contaminants and the probability of resultant adverse effects. Scientists sampled primarily sediments and fish, which commonly serve as environmental reservoirs for numerous toxic chemicals. The study provides valuable insight into the presence and potential influence of agrochemical use and urban derived contaminants.


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Last updated: June 2, 2021

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