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Tree Islands in the Shark Slough Landscape: Interactions of Vegetation, Hydrology and Soils
Michael S. Ross & David T. Jones, Editors

Aerial view of Everglades tree islands
Aerial View of Everglades Tree Islands

National Park Service Photo by Bill Perry


Tree islands are a distinctive feature of the Everglades ecosystem. Created through a combination of both physical and biological processes, these landscapes are of historical, cultural, spiritual and biological importance. Consequently, they figure prominently in the ongoing efforts towards Everglades restoration.

This multi-year study examines in detail many of the processes that occur both in and around the tree islands of Shark Slough. As part of the investigation, scientists examined relative air temperatures, nutrient cycling, and patterns of succession and disturbance that help shape the tree islands of today. The end result is a better picture of the long-term processes that have contributed to their development in the ridge and slough landscape of the Everglades.



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