CESI Assessment Project 98-2


Flow-Velocity Data Collected in the Wetlands Adjacent to Canal C-111 in South Florida During 1997 and 1999
Maria H. Ball & Raymond W. Schaffranek

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Historically, seasonal pulses of freshwater flowed from the southeastern Everglades into a series of coastal wetlands before draining into northeast Florida Bay. This periodic sheetflow provided important nourishment to the marshes, while regulating salinity levels in the bay. Construction of the C-111 canal, however, effectively captured much of this flow, diverting it swiftly to the east.

Recognizing the importance of water flow to the area, a series of modifications were made to the canal in the late 1990s to encourage a greater movement of water into the wetlands. This CESI-funded investigation analyzes canal/wetland flow velocities and other water quality parameters to help evaluate the effectiveness of these modifications.



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Maria Ball, Raymond Schaffranek, C-111, Flow, Velocity, Wetlands, Water Quality, CESI, Critical Ecosystem Studies Initiative

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