CESI Assessment Project 02-1


Review and Evaluation of Hydrologic Modeling Tools for
the Coastal Mangroves and Florida Bay
William K. Nuttle

Sunset on Florida Bay
Sunset on Florida Bay

National Park Service Photo by Bill Perry


Freshwater flowing as diffuse overland flow and groundwater links coastal ecosystems of South Florida to the Everglades marshes and to the water management facilities of the Central and Southern Florida Project. Attempts to anticipate what effects changing water management and restoring the hydrology of the Everglades will have on the ecology of coastal mangroves and Florida Bay necessarily requires information about this hydrological link.

This report, written in 2002, reviews and evaluates knowledge of hydrology and salinity in the coastal mangroves of Florida Bay in Everglades National Park, and recommends an approach to formulating predictive models for use as performance measures. This evaluation is based on predictive ability and practical considerations related to needs imposed by the multi-agency planning process that guides ecosystem restoration in South Florida. The goal for this report is to identify an approach that can be implemented quickly so to satisfy the immediate need for predictive tools to in planning.



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Final Report
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Florida Bay, Modeling, Mangroves, Salinity, Hydrology, Evaluation, Nuttle, Cadmus, CESI, Critical Ecosystem Studies Initiative, Everglades

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