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Students from Lincoln Community School pose in front of Ellis Island during their immersive program experience
Students from Lincoln Community School pose at the front of the Ellis Island entrance.
From interactive activities to ranger-led tours, there are many ways to engage students about immigration history. Take a look at our offerings below:

Our educational resources and on-site activities can now be found on our Field Trips page.

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Ranger-led Programs

Programs are free-of-charge.
The Journey
What did it take for immigrants to come to the United States?
Play the role of a newly-arrived immigrant coming to Ellis Island in the early 1900s.
Students will "be processed" by park staff as their immigrant character in this immersive activity.
Grades 3-6
Capacity: 15-60 Students
Time Length: 30 minutes
Please e-mail us to reserve the program.

Immigrants at Work
What impact does immigration have on the United States economy?
Students explore how Ellis Island immigrants found jobs when they first settled in the United States. Playing the role of a business owner, students will analyze whether immigration is beneficial or detrimental for their community, while tying into themes of immigration and economy in both the past and present.
Grades 9-12
Capacity: 15-35 Students
Time Length: 60 minutes
E-mail us for more information about the program.
Students from Lincoln Community School line up for their legal inspection on Ellis Island
Lincoln Community School students line up and await their turn for their legal inspection on Ellis Island.

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Chaperone Guided Activities

We are pleased to be introducing new chaperone guided activities for school field trips! One chaperone over 21 years old must accompany a group of ten students. We suggest using these guides to assist you in your trip planning:

Seating capacity of the theaters showing the documentary "Island of Hope, Island of Tears" is limited to 127 students plus the required 13 chaperones. Approximate length of the film is 35 minutes. Audio tours are also available at no charge.
Booking Your Field Trip
  1. Complete the Statue Cruises school group form.
  2. Wait for approval, then purchase ferry tickets from our official boat concessionaire Statue Cruises.
  3. Bring the required one adult chaperone per 10 students arriving.

Questions about booking your field trip? Call Statue Cruises' Group Sales at 201-432-6321.

Additional Questions

Additional questions about educational programs? Email us

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