2018 Great War Day Living History Volunteer Information Letter

Dear Living History Volunteer:

The Eisenhower National Historic Site, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, will be hosting a Great War Weekend at the Eisenhower Farm on July 28-29, 2018. Registration for the event will remain open until July 17, 2018. If your unit fails to register by then it will not be allowed to participate.

The main focus will be on interpreting the lives of the combatants as they withdrew or approached the trenches. If your living history group portrays other areas or aspects of the war are also welcome. Examples include the war in the East, Middle East, Far East and Africa to include the civilian Home Front. We are interested in having knowledgeable living history volunteers who can tell the story behind the Great War. We would like to have your organization participate in this event.

Participating units should arrive by 7 am, July 28 to set up. Everyone should be set up by 9 am when the site is open to the public. Someone from your unit must be present at your site the entire time we are open to the public. This is an authentic impressions only program, so bring only appropriate gear. We will set up in the general vicinity of the Eisenhower home and extend into a large level field east of the Eisenhower home.

Participant parking is available on site. Water will be provided and public restrooms will be available in the lower level of the site’s barn.

No firing of ammunition, including blanks, or detonation of explosives devices, will be permitted at this event. Edged weapons such as bayonets must remain in their scabbards except when being used for demonstrations at a safe distance of at least seven paces from the next person. Re-enactors will be expected to conduct themselves as professional history docents and follow safety guidelines.

If your unit is interested in attending this event, please email park ranger Dennis E. Flake as soon as possible and let us know the approximate numbers we can expect and the type of demonstration or talks you plan to present.


If your living history organization would like to participate, please ask ranger Dennis E. Flake for a Groups Volunteer Service Agreement form.


If you are only one participant, please ask ranger Dennis E. Flake for an Individual Volunteer Service Agreement form.

All Participants

In addition to the Group or Individual Voluntary Services Agreement form, please also provide answers to the following questions...
  1. Name or unit designation of your living history organization.
  2. Name, address, and phone number of the group’s contact person.
  3. Estimated number of participating members expected.
  4. What size and approximate number of tents the group will set up and the space needed for your display area? Will you need a table for a display?
  5. Will there be WWI era (1910 – 1920) vehicles? Yes or No. If so what types?
  6. Has your group participated in our event in the past? Yes or No.
  7. We would like each group to be prepared to present a 10 to 25 minute talk about some aspect of WWI. Please give a description of your group’s living history impression and what thematic story about WWI you wish to present. Our suggestions include talks about WWI soldier life, WWI weapons and/or equipment, the history of the unit you portray, or some interesting stories concerning WWI.
  8. If you know of an individual who might be a potential guest speaker for our event please give us their name and how they might be contacted by us. We are always looking for guest speakers.

Please mail completed Group or Individual Voluntary Services Agreement forms to:

Great War/World War I Event Registration
Eisenhower National Historic Site
1195 Baltimore Pike, Suite 100
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Questions: e-mail us

Last updated: May 29, 2018

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