A wood turtle along Marsh Creek
A wood turtle along Marsh Creek

C. Davis

Reptiles are cold-blooded and often secretive creatures. Being cold-blooded requires these animals to regulate their body temperature from the environment rather than internally like mammals do. For this reason, reptiles are often seen basking in the sun. Additionally, all reptiles have the distinguishing characteristics of scales, shields, or plates and have claws on their toes (except for the snake which doesn't have toes). Turtles and snakes are the types of reptiles commonly found within the Eisenhower National Historic Site. Painted turtles can often be seen basking themsleves on the banks of Willoughby Run. In 2000 and 2001 a herpetological survey was conducted at the park that documented the presence of 17 reptile species. These include species such as the wood turtle, painted turtle, common snappping turtle, musk turtles, eastern milk snake, and eastern garter snake.

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