DB 3.0 Request for Proposal (RFP)

3.1 Prepare Request for Proposal (RFP)

Based on the Final Schematic Design (SD) and the Response Memorandum to the Development Advisory Board (DAB) review questions, prepare the Draft RFP.


Template: Request for Proposal

Part 4 Technical Requirements

Guideline: Design-Build (DB) Part 4 Technical Requirements Guideline (pdf)

Sample: Design-Build (DB) Part 4 Technical Requirements Sample (pdf)

3.2 Prepare Contract Price Schedule

Prepare the Contract Price Schedule for Design-Build (DB).

Template: Contract Price Schedule

Sample: 3rd tab of Contract Price Schedule template

3.3 Develop In-Depth & Finalize NPS Constructability Checklist (RFP Comments & RFP Resolution)

Identify unique project issues under the RFP Comments (Request for Proposal) column and resolutions to these issues under the RFP Resolution column on the NPS Constructability Checklist. A Constructability Analysis utilizing the NPS Constructability Checklist is required for every project.

Template: NPS Constructability Checklist

3.4 RFP Deliverables

3.4.1 Submit 100% Draft RFP Deliverables for Review

  • RFP
  • Contract Price Schedule
  • NPS Constructability Checklist

3.4.2 Submit 100% Complete RFP Deliverables for Final Approval

Resolve all 100% Draft RFP Documents review comments and incorporate resolutions into the 100% Complete RFP, Contract Price Schedule, and NPS Constructability Checklist.

Submit the 100% Complete RFP, Contract Price Schedule, NPS Constructability Checklist and written responses to 100% Draft RFP Documents Review Comments, utilizing the NPS review form, within 15 calendar days of receipt of comments for review and final approval.

3.4.3 Submit Final RFP Deliverables

Upon final approval of documents submitted in paragraph 3.4.2, submit the final RFP, Contract Price Schedule, and NPS Constructability Checklist for DB contracting and NPS archiving.


Last updated: March 20, 2018