Academic Fee Waivers

National Park Service regulations allow school groups and other approved national and international academic institutions to obtain a waiver of park entrance fees, provided the visit is for educational or scientific purposes, and the resources or facilities that the group intends to use support those purposes.

Fee waivers may be granted to educational institutions whose curriculum relates specifically to the resources at Dinosaur National Monument. See below for how to apply. All applications must be received at least two weeks prior to anticipated trip. Please be aware:

  • Fee waivers are not available at entrance stations.
  • Each vehicle in the group must have a copy of the fee waiver.
  • Academic fee waivers do not include camping or other activity fees.
  • Academic fee waivers cannot be granted for hardship factors.
  • Service, civic, or fraternal organizations, such as Scouting, Rotary, and Elks, do not qualify for an academic fee waiver unless the group meets the criteria below.
  • "Blanket" academic fee waivers for all national parks are not issued or accepted. Groups must submit separate requests to individual parks for approval. A list of parks and contact addresses is at

Fee Waiver Criteria

Academic fee waivers are not granted automatically. Applicant groups must demonstrate that they qualify for the waiver. There are three requirements that the group must meet to qualify for an academic fee waiver: eligibility, educational purpose, and relevancy of park resources or facilities.

1. Eligibility
Applicants must prove they are a bona fide academic institution by submitting one of the following:

  • A statement confirming educational or scientific tax-exemption from the IRS or the applicant's national, state, or local tax authority; or
  • A statement, from a bona fide academic institution, confirming that the group is visiting for the purpose of providing transferable educational credit based on a curriculum; or
  • A statement of accreditation, or recognition as an academic institution, from a recognized national, regional, state, or local authority at the applicant's location.

2. Educational Purpose of the Visit
Applicants must provide a written statement confirming that the visit supports a specific curriculum for which academic credit is offered. If the group is on a commercial tour, the applicant must state how the tour supports the curriculum.

3. Relevance of Park Resources or Facilities
Applicants must provide a written statement identifying the park resources and/or facilities that will be used to support the educational purpose of the visit, and how they are relevant to that purpose.


Home Schools
Home schools may be granted fee waivers based on the course of study following the procedures above, as long as they meet your state requirements for home schools. A copy of your state's department of education requirements may be requested if you are out-of-state.

Other non-academic or non-commercial groups
Groups that do not qualify for an academic fee waiver will be charged the appropriate entrance fee. The entrance fee for non-commercial organized groups is $15.00 per person for all individuals 16 years of age and older. Dinosaur Annual Pass, Interagency Annual, Interagency Senior, Interagency Access, Golden Age, and Golden Access Passport holders and their immediate family members (parents, spouse, and children) do not have to pay the per person entrance fee.

Click here to download a copy of the Academic Fee Waiver Application

How to Apply
Applications may be obtained by clicking on the link below

Fee Waiver Requirements, Application and Instructions

or by emailing the Fee Office to get instructions on how to apply for a fee waiver.

All applications must be received at least two weeks prior to anticipated trip.

Last updated: January 8, 2024

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