River Camping

People land kayaks and canoes at Eshback Access along the Delaware river
A group takes a break at Eshback Access in Pennsylvania. The park encourages all visitors to please follow all park rules and recreate safely. Even our calm stretch of river can be deadly when visitors take unnecessary risks. We care about your safety.

NPS Photo / Michael Cuff

Camping along the Delaware

  • The park is currently working with www.recreation.gov to implement a reservation system for river camping. Please check back for more information.
  • We have six improved campsites at the Alosa River Campsite available for reservation on Recreation.gov. Reservations are required for this location. We do not charge a fee to camp but there is a $16.00 processing fee per campsite charged by www.recreation.gov.
  • To use a river campsite, the total river miles traveled must be at least 14 miles for a one-night trip, at least 26 miles for a two-night trip, and at least 34 miles for a three-night trip.

Important Details

Below are some important things to know about camping at river campsites within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

  • Camping is limited to one night in each location
  • If you are leaving a vehicle in a National Park Service parking lot overnight, you must register your information with the park emergency operations center here. If you are unable to use our registration system, please call the park Emergency Operations office at: 570-426-2457. (Note: This line is monitored 24/7 and should only be used when unable to register online or for emergencies)
  • Reservations are required for Alosa River Campsites.
  • Small fires are only permitted in existing fire grates. Use dead and down wood only. Cutting standing trees is not permitted.

  • Pack out all trash to include all food and food waste.
  • Please use soaps sparingly. Soap should be dumped on well-drained soil away from water sources.
  • Do not urinate or defecate within 100 feet of any river or stream. Fecal material, including pet waste, must be buried at least 6 inches deep and at least 300 feet away from water.
  • Quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. Loud audio devices and fireworks are prohibited.

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Current River Conditions in the Park

Want to know more about the current river conditions in the park? Click the River Information link to the right for details.

Last updated: April 25, 2022

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