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Brown mud and white salt flats extend to distant mountains.
On February 28, people could launch kayaks here, 10 feet from Badwater Road. This photo was taken on March 2 showing that Lake Manly is no longer close enough to access without walking through mud for a long distance, which will leave visible footsteps until the next time the lake fills up.


Updated 3/4/2024 10:00 am

Temporary Lake closed to boating

"Lake Manly" is a temporary lake that forms very rarely in Badwater Basin. It formed after remnants of Hurricane Hilary on August 20, 2023, but was only a shallow relfecting pool. An atmopsheric river February 4-7, 2024 added additional water, raising the level back to a foot (0.3m) deep in some places. Then intense winds from February 29 through March 2 blew the lake to the north, spreading it out, resulting in shallower water. The lake is now too shallow and too far from the road to transport and launch watercraft without damaging the landscape. Therefore, it is now closed to boating.



There are a few wildflowers, but the park is NOT having a major flower bloom. Peak wildflowers are usually late February through mid-April. Currently there are areas with desert gold (yellow flowers) in Panamint Valley and east of Furnace Creek on CA-190.

Death Valley Road Status

Open Roads
Closed Roads

--- Hiking Trails

A man in a National Park Service uniform stands on the ground. His arm is extended above his head and does not reach the damaged road surface.
Superintendent Mike Reynolds demonstrates significant damage on Lower Wildrose Road, caused by flooding on August 20, 2023.


Roads & Locations

On August 20, 2023, rain from the remnants of Hurricane Hilary triggered flash floods that damaged all park roads. Although many roads remain closed, many popular points of interest and hiking trails have reopened.

An atmospheric river Feb. 4-7, 2024 moved debris onto roads and eroded road shoulders. Caution is advised on all park roads. Some roads are closed until they have been cleared.



  • CA HWY 190- Access to Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Mosaic Canyon Trail, Harmony Borax Works, Zabriskie Point

  • Daylight Pass Road & Mud Canyon Road

  • Beatty Cut-off Road- Access to Keane Wonder Mine

  • Badwater Road- Access to: Artists Drive, Golden Canyon/Gower Gulch Trails, Desolation Canyon Trail, Natural Bridge Trail, Badwater Basin, Sidewinder Canyon Trail, Ashford Mill, CA-127

  • North Highway - Access to: Fall Canyon Trail, Old Stovepipe Wells, Lower Titus Canyon, Ubehebe Crater, Racetrack Road

  • Dantes View


Note that road closures listed below apply to ALL motorized vehicles (including motorcycles) and bicycles.

  • Wildrose Road / Emigrant Canyon Road- Repairs are in progress, likely to open by late February. (No access to: Wildrose Charcoal Kilns, Wildrose Peak Trail, Telescope Peak Trail)

  • Bonnie Clare Road and Scotty’s Castle due to flood recovery work . Unlikely to open before late 2025. No access permitted. No foot, bicycle, motorcycle, vehicle, etc. use allowed.



  • Mustard Canyon

  • Twenty Mule Team Canyon

  • Grotto Canyon - the road now ends where it used to drop into the wash.

  • Echo Canyon Road

  • Hole in the Wall Road

  • Greenwater Valley (aka Furnace Creek Wash Road) - access to Deadman Pass and Gold Valley.

  • Warm Springs / Butte Valley / Goler Wash

  • Saline Valley North Pass - only to Palm Springs, but recommend checking Inyo County's road conditions. North Pass is often impassable due to snow in winter. South Pass and Steel Pass remain closed.

  • Big Pine Road- NPS maintains the 8 miles closest to Ubehebe Crater Road. The rest is mantained by Inyo County, who call it "Death Valley Road". Access to: Eureka Dunes

  • Racetrack Road

  • Lippincott Road

  • Hidden Valley Road- Access to: White Top Mountain Road and Lost Burro Mine

  • Lemoigne Canyon Road


Note that road closures listed below apply to ALL motorized vehicles, including motorcycles.The roads were completely washed out in places and entry will cause tire tracks and braided roads in wilderness as users try to locate what was once the road. Thank you for your patience as we work to reopen these locations. Bicycles are permitted except on Titus Canyon Rd.

Only major roads are listed for reference below, but MANY backcountry roads are closed.

  • Cottonwood Canyon & Marble Canyon Roads - Road got damaged during the Feb. 4-7 atmospheric river. We don't have an estimate when it will be repaired.

  • Upper West Side Road

  • Harry Wade Road - Closed due to Amargosa River flowing across it and damage from February atmospheric river.

  • Lower Wildrose Road (aka Trona - Wildrose Road, connects Wildrose to Panamint Valley)- completely impassable due to a 9-foot deep cut across the road. Likely to remain closed until fall 2025.

  • Upper Wildrose Road (above the Charcoal Kilns) - No access due to extensive damage on Emigrant Canyon Road and Lower Wildrose Road. This will open when Emigrant Canyon Road opens, likely late February 2024.

  • Saline Valley Road - Due to snow and washouts. No estimated time of reopening. This road is maintained by Inyo County.

  • Hunter Mountain - Due to snow. No estimated time of reopening. This road is maintained by Inyo County.

  • Darwin Falls - Road is completely gone in many places. It will need either extensive import of road fill (expensive) or "mining" of gravel from the nearby wash (this would require thorough environmental review). Will not be open until fall 2024 at the earliest. Hikers can park on the shoulder of CA-190 and walk in.

  • Salt Creek - Flooding destroyed the boardwalk, restroom and parking area. Will not open before fall 2024.

  • Titus Canyon Road - closed due to flood damage. Bicycle use is prohibited in Titus Canyon for safety reasons. Impassable. Not likely to open before January 2025. Lower Titus Canyon to the Fall Canyon Trailhead is open.

  • Steel Pass - closed due to extensive flood damage. From an airplane, it appears the road is completely erased from Eureka Dunes through Dedeckera Canyon. Steel Pass itself looks okay. From Steel Pass to Upper Warm Springs, there's no sign of a road at all. Designated wilderness begins 50 feet on either side of the legal road (which is erased). Anyone trying to drive that would likely be illegally driving in wilderness. The park hopes to be able to work on this road in April 2024.





  • Furnace Creek (reservation)
  • Sunset (first come first served)
  • Texas Springs (first come first served) (Some sites are closed due to flood damage)
  • Stovepipe Wells (first come first served)
  • Mesquite Spring (first come first served)
  • Emigrant (first come first served)
  • Eureka Dunes Primitive
  • Saline Valley Primitive
  • Homestake Primitive


  • Wildrose, Thorndike Primitive, and Mahogany Flat Primitive - not accessible due to closed roads. Wildrose is likely to open mid-March 2024.
Damaged pavement with brown streams of water washing down a canyon.
Weather Conditions

Check weather before your planned travel days, conditions can swiftly change in Death Valley.

Tire tracks scar a smooth desert playa, red circle with line through it on top
Stay on Roads with your Vehicle

Illegal driving off designated roads negatively impacts the landscape, ecosystem, view, and more.


Last updated: March 4, 2024

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