Deer and turkey crossing a road
Wildlife is most active early in the morning or at dusk. Deer and turkey frequent the park road at this time.

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If you have an emergency, call 911!

Devils Tower National Monument is a powerful place with fantastic views, beautiful wildlife, and opportunities for recreation. It is the responsibility of all visitors to know and abide by park regulations. This ensures a safe experience for visitors, staff, and the park itself.

Basic Rules and Tips

  • When walking the trails, bring water (1 liter per person minimum; more for extended hikes over 2 hours). Wear comfortable walking shoes. In winter the trails are not maintained. Ice cleats, snow shoes or similar aids are recommended.
  • All plants, wildlife, and archaeological artifacts are protected. Do not disturb or take anything from the park. Do not feed animals.
  • Be respectful of this quiet place. It is a national park unit and a sacred site for indigenous peoples.
  • Traditional cultural landscapes are protected places. Do not disturb prayer bundles or other cultural artifacts.


  • The main road at Devils Tower National Monument is 25 mph maximum. The picnic and campground areas are 5 mph. Speed limits are for the protection of yourself, other visitors, staff, and wildlife. Wildlife is present throughout the day but most active at dawn and dusk.
  • Travel above the boulder field requires a climbing permit.
  • Pets may not be taken on trails or left unattended at any time. They may be walked in parking areas if on a leash.
  • It is illegal and dangerous to feed any park wildlife, including the prairie dogs. Wild animals may bite, kick or carry disease.

Climbing Devils Tower

Climbing Devils Tower is inherently dangerous. You are responsible for your own safety while climbing.

  • Rescue: There is no professional rescue-team at Devils Tower National Monument. Make plans for self-rescue or get assistance from other climbers should an unexpected incident arise. Clearly and loudly call out for help. If a phone is available call 911. Available park staff will provide assistance to the limit of their abilities; help may not arrive on-scene for several hours.
  • Injury: The closest medical facility which can treat significant trauma is 60 miles from Devils Tower National Monument.
  • Weather: Obtain forecast information before beginning your climb and observe changing weather conditions. Thunderstorms can develop quickly bringing lightening, hail, rain, slippery rock surfaces, and hypothermia. Summer days can bring very hot temperatures. Carry enough water, and realize the rock of the Tower can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

For more information on park rules and regulations, please see our Superintendent's Compendium.

Last updated: April 30, 2019

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