Current Climbing Closures

Currently, climbing routes along the southeast face of the Tower are closed. This closure is an annual closure to protect nesting peregrine falcons.

Routes between and including "Hollywood and Vine" and "Belle Fourche Buttress" are closed starting May 26, 2017. Note that the closure area has been updated since the March falcon closure. Popular routes and areas affected by this closure are:

  • Belle Fourche Buttress
  • TAD
  • El Cracko Diablo
  • East side of Meadows
  • Standard Meadows Finish
Any open route that ends in the Meadows must finish via the "Bailey Direct" route, or rappel from the Bon Homme or Meadows rappel routes.

The closure notice lists all effected routes and includes a picture of the closed area. The closure news release contains more information about the closure.

Please contact the climbing office if you have any questions: 307.467.5283 x632

Prairie falcon
Prairie and peregrine falcons like to nest on exposed rocky outcrops, and the Tower provides an ideal habitat for their eyries.

Annual closures

Nesting Falcons

Some routes are annually closed in order to protect nesting prairie or peregrine falcons. Routes are frequently closed between March and July. During this time nesting activity is monitored by park staff. Routes will be reopened when no nesting activity is observed. Climbing near raptor nests stresses the birds and often leads to chick death. Defensive raptor behavior is also potentially dangerous for climbers. Please check for route closures when you register to climb. Rangers will strictly enforce these closures.


June Voluntary Climbing Closure

Each year a voluntary climbing closure is in effect June 1-30 to respect American Indian ceremonies. Park staff works to educate the climbing community and the general public about the reasons for this closure.

American Indians have regarded the Tower as a sacred site long before climbers found their way to the area. Tribes have expressed concerns about recreational climbing at Devils Tower. Some perceive climbing on the Tower as a desecration to their sacred site. It appears to many American Indians that climbers and hikers do not respect their culture by the very act of climbing on or near the Tower.

A key element of the Climbing Management Plan is the June Voluntary Climbing Closure. The National Park Service has decided to advocate this closure in order to promote understanding and encourage respect for the culture of American Indian tribes who are closely affiliated with the Tower as a sacred site. June is a culturally significant time when many (not all) ceremonies traditionally occur. Although voluntary, this closure has been very successful - resulting in an 80% reduction in the number of climbers during June.

During the month of June, climbers are asked to voluntarily refrain from climbing on the Tower and hikers to voluntarily refrain from scrambling within the inside of the Tower Trail Loop. Please strongly consider the closure when planning a climbing trip to Devils Tower. Alternative climbing areas are located within 100 miles of Devils Tower National Monument. The Access Fund fully supports the voluntary closure and the Climbing Management Plan at Devils Tower.

Last updated: May 27, 2017

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