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Various informational handouts are available at the park and online.

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Below you will find links to view or download several of the park-produced brochures. These cover issues specific to Devils Tower National Monument. The park also carries several nationally-produced brochures, including the standard "park map." Some of those are available here.

The park newspaper is also available online. A new version is published every year, and is given out at the park entrance upon your arrival.


This website offers an audio version of the main park brochure. At the park, large print and braille versions of this brochure are available. Head over to the accessibility page for more information.

Site Bulletins and Handouts

All files are in PDF format.
  • Geology - Get more in-depth information about the processes which helped form and shape the Tower for us to see today.
  • American Indians and the Tower - Discover the connections which indigenous peoples had and still maintain with this cultural site.
  • How Do Climbers Get Up There? - Read about some of the first climbing stories at Devils Tower, and find out how modern climbers continue the tradition today.
  • Information for Climbers - Park regulations and best practices dictate the style and ethics of climbing at the Tower

Last updated: August 1, 2018

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