Ranger Talks - Campground and Theater Programs

Evening Campground Programs

Come to learn about anything from glaciers to grizzlies during these informal, 30 to 45 minute programs. Weekly topics are listed on campground bulletin boards.

All campground programs begin at 7:30 pm. Programs are first offered in Riley, Savage and Tek in late May. Wonder Lake programs begin June 8, each year. The final campground programs are in mid-September. Specific program descriptions and titles are available every Thursday, for the ensuing week.
Upcoming Campground Programs

Campground programs are planned a week in advance, and details are posted here each Thursday.

Programs start at 7:30 in each campground, and last around 45 minutes. There are also evening talks offered at the Murie Science and Learning Center.

Campground programs in 2016 conclude on Wednesday, 9/14. Learn more about campgrounds in Denali.

Date Riley Creek
Savage River
Tek River
Wonder Lake
Jul-28 Geology TBD Challenges and Controversies of Park Borders Perspectives on Denali
Jul-29 Inspiration From the Peaks TBD Bears Geology
Jul-30 Animal Survival Strategies TBD Dog Mushing Plants of Wonder Lake
Jul-31 Migratory Birds TBD Survival Strategies Wilderness
Aug-1 Wilderness and Mountaineering TBD Ice Age Animals Wood Frogs
Aug-2 Wolverines TBD Bears Geology
Aug-3 Grizzlies TBD Lynx Of People and Plants
Aug-4 Lynx TBD Geology A Mountain By Any Other Name: Perspectives on Denali

Chalet Amphitheater Programs

Beginning in late May, we offer a 30 minute interpretive program in an outdoor amphitheater at the McKinley Chalet Resort. The McKinley Chalet Resort is located in the heart of the Nenana Canyon, less than two miles north of the entrance to Denali National Park.

To attend a program, you can take a shuttle, drive your personal vehicle, or walk to the McKinley Chalet Resort. Programs are offered at 10:00 am on Mondays and 3:30 pm Tuesday-Saturdays.

Topics vary from the very specific (e.g., bears or other wildlife) to the general (e.g., sustainable living), but all connect to the greater themes found in the story of Denali National Park and Preserve.

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