There are no National Park Service (NPS) operated accommodations in Denali other than campgrounds. There are some lodgings located within the boundaries of the park, but they sit on privately-owned land and are not directly affiliated with the NPS. Accommodations are briefly described below in two categories - outside the park boundaries, and inside the park.

Lodging Outside of the Park

Most park visitors stay somewhere outside of the park. The nearest communities are Healy, located about 11 miles north of the park entrance, and Cantwell, located about 30 miles south of the sole park entrance. Many hotels, motels, B&Bs, etc., exist in those communities and along the highway between them. The highway is interchangeably called Highway 3, or the George Parks Highway (or sometimes just "The Parks Highway," which refers to George Parks, not to the presence of Denali National Park. This can get confusing, since the road within Denali National Park is called the Denali Park Road, or sometimes just "the park road").

Many businesses list their address as a specific milepost along the highway. To help make sense of that, the park entrance is milepost 237. Mileposts higher in number are north (i.e., towards Healy), and mileposts lower in number are south (i.e., towards Cantwell). So, if a hotel lists their address as milepost 239, they are two miles north of the park entrance.

A valuable resource for finding a place to stay is the Denali Chamber of Commerce.

Lodging Inside the Park

Within the park, lodging is limited to a handful of privately owned, remote wilderness lodges in the Kantishna area, at the end of the Park Road. None of them are operated by the National Park Service, and all sit on privately owned land (i.e., "inholdings" within the park).

These lodges, in no particular order, are:

Last updated: April 15, 2021

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