Denali is largely wilderness without trails, designated by Congress to remain a "primitive" area in many respects. The National Park Service strives to make the park as universally accessible as possible. However, extra obstacles will be encountered because of the remote, wilderness nature of this special place.

If your questions concerning accessibility are unanswered after reading information in this section of our website, please contact us.

Also, learn about the The America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Access Pass—or more simply, the Access Pass—which provides a wide range of discounts on activities and services when you visit federal lands.


Road Travel in Denali

Unique among many national parks, Denali has but one road. Access along the first 15 miles of the road is possible by any private vehicle; travel on the rest of the 92-mile long road is largely restricted to bus trips, run by a concessioner.

While the National Park Service and our concessioner make every effort to facilitate visitors with disabilities, in rare circumstances an individual's needs may not be met by the accommodations that are available on our shuttle and tour buses. Those individuals may apply for a road travel permit, which would allow them to drive part or all of the Denali Park Road in their own vehicle.

Contact us to receive the application for a road travel permit, or with any specific questions you have about this process.

Applicants must be able to explain to park managers why accommodations on the bus system are insufficient to meet personal needs. Adequate time is needed to go through this process, so we appreciate hearing from you well in advance of your visit.

Park Brochure

The park's official brochure is available in a variety of formats, including text-only, audio-only, and Braille.

Last updated: February 11, 2021

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