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Visitors to Denali National Park and Preserve meet a wide variety of Interpreters, whether they are called naturalists, guides, or group leaders, as well as business and community members when they come to the park on a trip. The people visitors encounter enrich their experience in and around Denali, helping to provide them with memories for a lifetime.

This page is designed to provide resources for group leaders, naturalists, hiking guides, hotel staff, drivers, raft guides, flightseeing pilots, Bed & Breakfast owners, and anyone else who may routinely work with visitors to Denali National Park and Preserve.

The resources on this page are a good place to start, but we also have many great resources found by partnering and working together to share ideas between different organizations. Please contact the park's Division of Interpretation with questions, comments, or ideas on how we can all work together to deepen visitor connections to this special place.


Visitor and Resource Safety

Paramount to helping visitors explore and understand this place are three concepts:

  • Denali Foundation Document
    Among other things, the Foundation Document contains the park's mission statement, the text of the National Park Service Organic Act (which established the bureau in 1916), and details of the park's purpose and significance.
  • Denali National Park and Preserve Education Plan
    Among other things, this contains the park's Division of Interpretation mission statement.
There are many resources available online to help develop interpretive skills. Explore online courses about creating interpretive programs. Skills gained through the courses help interpreters hone their skills whether presenting a talk, walk, hike, bus tour, or narrated plane flight.

Five other courses are particularly useful for people working with the public: Roving and Informal Interpretation, Knowing and Connecting to Your Audience, Interpretation on the Move (especially for those leading hikes), Introduction to Dialogic Interpretation, and Interpretive Talk. The National Association for Interpretation (NAI) also offers a 32-hour Certified Interpretive Guide course that combines the theoretical foundations with practical skills. More information can be found on NAI's website.
Support materials from skill development courses will also be posted here. For information or other written support materials about training, coaching, or other interpretation skill development courses, contact the park's Division of Interpretation.

Attend Denali "Resource Days" to learn about current scientific research in the park at the beginning of each summer season.
For many of these books, contact our non-profit partner Alaska Geographic (or your local bookseller) to purchase a copy.

Last updated: January 13, 2021

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