Centennial Celebration

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A Century of "Weird and Scenic"

President Calvin Coolidge established Craters of the Moon by issuing a proclamation on May 2, 1924, for the purpose of protecting the unusual lava terrain in southern Idaho. This lunar landscape was thought to resemble that of the Moon and was described as, “a weird and scenic landscape peculiar to itself.”
During its 100-year history, the perspectives, values, and significance of Craters of the Moon have varied. The park will host multiple activities and events that highlight the “Phases of the Moon” experienced at the park.

Celebrating the Phases of the Moon

May 2024 through September 2024 Craters of the Moon National Monument will be celebrating and recognizing the fundamental values that have shaped the park over the last 100 years.
The following themes will be highlighted during the Centennial Celebration months:
May - Rich Cultural History
June - Tranquil Wilderness
July - Robust Research
August - Explosive Geology
September - Expansive Night Sky




Fundamental Values

Explore the fundamental values that have helped shaped Craters of the Moon.
Three spatter cones in a lava field.
Rich Cultural History

Craters of the Moon’s important cultural history spans more than its 100 years.

Lava landscape dotted with limber pine and sagebrush.
Tranquil Wilderness

The Craters of the Moon Wilderness encapsulates both the lava landscape as well as the human connection to land and our place within it.

Three men look out on a lava landscape while holding papers.
Robust Research

From indigenous knowledge to Robert Limbert, NASA, and current NPS studies, Craters of the Moon has been the source of robust research.

Crater ridge with limber pine.
Explosive Geology

The geologic forces that shaped Craters of the Moon are still at work and will reawaken again.

The Milky Way over a lava field blooming with buckwheat.
Expansive Night Sky

The expansive night skies at Craters of the Moon are healthy for plants, animals, and you!

Northern Lights over silhouetted landscape.
Centennial Artists-in-Residence

Meet the Five Centennial Artists-in-Residence

Lava landscape with large crater.
Multimedia Resources

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve's multimedia hub.

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