Storage Building Request for Comments

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Date: June 9, 2011
Contact: John Apel, 208-527-1350

The National Park Service (NPS) is requesting comments on a proposal for the construction of a storage building at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. Your comments can be provided in writing at the address given in this notice, or they may be tendered via E-Mail to the contact person listed below. The contact person is also available to provide any additional information you might require in responding to this notice. NPS wishes to consider any issues that may be evident regarding this proposed action, or other alternatives that might be considered in meeting the needs of the park for this purpose.

Proposed Action

The park proposes to construct a 20 feet x 40 feet, unheated storage building to store equipment such as small equipment and tractors. In addition, the facility would be used for dry storage. The proposed building would allow equipment to be stored inside, avoiding the harsh climate while the equipment is not being used in the off-season.

The "bone yard" is an existing developed site located approximately one half mile southeast of the park Visitor Center in a Frontcountry Zone, where development is permissible in accordance with the park management plan. The proposed building site is located one quarter of a mile off the main park Loop Road on a graded but unpaved service road. The site was once used to mine volcanic cinders for road maintenance and has been used for outdoor storage of equipment and materials for many decades. The site is visible from a portion of the Loop Road.

Purpose and Need for the Proposal

The proposed project would address health and safety issues associated with the present storage facilities, provide weather-proof storage for equipment and supplies, and reduce the visual impacts of the bone yard from view points on the scenic loop drive.

Current storage structures in the bone yard are open to the outside and frequently inhabited by rodents which create health issues. Drifting snow blows into the existing structures. The larger of the existing structures is located on the access road leading to the bone yard and lacks adequate turning space or parking for vehicles accessing the building to load or unload. The bone yard, and the equipment currently stored there, are visible from the scenic loop drive. To enhance employee health and safety, efficiency, and visitor experience the following needs have been identified:

1) Provide a weatherproof, low maintenance storage building with 800 square feet of storage area and access doors large enough (12 foot minimum height) to accommodate storage of vehicles including tractors.

2) Provide for future additions of covered storage sheds on both ends of the building providing an additional 400 square feet of storage.

3) Provide for future electric power and running water to the building through extension of existing buried lines (at the log storage building and campground respectively) or in the case of electricity the use of solar photovoltaic panels.

4) Reduce the visual impacts of the bone yard storage area on the scenic loop drive by designing the storage building to blend into the landscape and screen the work area from view.

5) Locate the building on a site which allows sufficient space for vehicle parking and loading or unloading, as well as project work space near the building (as an alternative to the often congested area in front of the maintenance building).

Commenting on this Proposal

The NPS wishes to hear any substantive comments on this proposed action. Substantive comments would include issues regarding the proposed location and type of structure. Positive comments are welcome. Please note that comments become part of the public record for this project, and names and addresses may be revealed in the documentation unless anonymity is expressly requested and approved.

Please provide written comments to:

Proposed Storage Facility Comments

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

P.O. Box 29 Arco, ID 83213

Comments addressed as above may be also be faxed to the park at: 208-527-3073

Comments may be E-Mailed to:

For further information please contact:

John Apel

DUE DATE FOR COMMENTS: Please provide your comments by June 24, 2011

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