Buffalo herd at Adai Indian Cultural Center and Museum, Photo by CRNHA
Animal Life

Louisiana is often referred to as a “Sportsman’s Paradise” and has a large animal population. While some of the quadrupeds of past years have disappeared, such as the buffalo that lived in the northwestern section of our region, and were hunted to extinction. A large buffalo herd can be seen at the Adai Indian Community Center and Museum. 

Hunters often form “hunting leases or clubs” and build hunting camps to keep others off prime hunting sites.  Some of the different types of animals located in our area include the following:

*deer                                   *wild hogs
*black bear                              *squirrels
*cougars or panther (catamounts)                       *mink                                                         *raccoon                                                              *skunk                                                    
*opossum                                *timber wolves
*foxes                                                                    *beavers

The Adai Indian Cultural Center is home to a herd of pure-bred buffalo and can be viewed by visits to the cultural center. Photo by CRNHA

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