Small flock of Cow Birds in Heritage Area, Photo by NPS
Deer and a few black bears are found in the Heritage Area's nearby forest, along with a few cougars or panthers in the Red River Valley. Mink, raccoon, skunk, and opossum are found throughout the entire state. While, timber wolves and foxes inhabit some areas of the timbered upland. Colonies of beavers inhabit some of the more rapidly flowing streams, whereas the otter prefers the sluggish lowland waters and bayous. Wild hogs, though almost extinct, are sometimes hunted in the lowland swamps, and squirrels are common in all sections where hickory and oak trees are found.

More information can be found at the LA Wildlife Web Site:

Photo by NPS

large alligators sunning at alligator park
Alligators sunning at the Alligator Park and Show located in the Heritage Area, Photo by CRNHA

Louisiana Facts by Louisiana Secretary of State Office:

State Bird - Brown Pelican
            (Pelecannus occidentalis)
State Wildflower - Louisiana Iris
            (Iris giganticaerulea)
State Amphibbian - Green Tree Frog
            (Hyla cinerea)
State Crustacean - Crawfish
            (Procamberus sp.)
State Fish - White Perch, White 
            Crappie, or "sac-au-lait"
            (Pomoxis annularis)

Alligators, Photo by CRNHA

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