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Visitor center building with mountain peak in the background
Coronado National Memorial commemorates the Coronado Expedition of 1540-1542 and its lasting impacts on the culture of northwest Mexico and the southwestern United States. The clash of cultures and fusion of Spanish and American Indian traditions are still evident in the southwest today. The visitor center is a great place to start your journey into the history of this region.
Monsoon storm building over Montezuma Peak
Monsoon storm building over Montezuma Peak

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The park is also located near the center of a biological crossroads, incorporating four distinct ecological zones: Sierra Madre, Chihuahua Desert, Rocky Mountain, and Sonoran Desert. Each of these zones are represented in the flora or fauna in the park's diverse landscape of oak woodands, piñon-juniper, grasslands, and riparian corridors. Hiking trails, a natural limestone cave, and sweeping vistas from Coronado Peak await those wishing to connect with the cultural and natural landscape.

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