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The San Pedro River Valley was likely the corridor used by the Coronado Expedition on their journey north in search of vast and fabled civilizations in the north. In 1540, they likey crossed the modern US/Mexico border following the San Pedro River just a few miles to the east of the park. In this short video, Mike Foster (videographer) traces the origins of the San Pedro - its headwaters and its namesake. _________________________________________________________________

A photo of Montezuma Peak flanked by Mexican and American flags
Coronado National Memorial shares a border with Mexico and acknowledges the importance of working across the border with communities, scientists, and parks.

NPS Photo/Dave Bly

Coronado National Memorial's location reminds us that the United States and Mexico are inextricably linked. Even though a visible, physical and political boundary is evident, living things continue to cross freely everyday. The Memorial has partnered with Sister Parks in Mexico to encourage understanding and stewardship of our shared resources.

Last updated: July 11, 2017

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