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Central High School National Historic Site is proud to provide access to "The Road to Little Rock" curriculum webpage which was created by Fargo Public Schools and Video Arts Studios to tell the story of Judge Ronald Davies and his historic ruling that impacted all public schools, in September 1957.

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"The Road to Little Rock" curriculum webpage

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"The Road to Little Rock" Curriculum

The website provides at no cost:

  • Elementary and Secondary curriculum
  • a video presentation
  • career development for teachers
  • additional resources

"The Road to Little Rock" curriculum is standards-based with specific connections to North Dakota and Arkansas Departments of Education content standards. The materials serve as a social justice curriculum and a platform to discuss American civil rights through our personal lens.

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About the film

"The Road to Little Rock" tells the story of nine teenagers and one judge who demonstrated the enduring qualities of honor, determination, self-validation, and responsibility. Students will witness the courage and convictions demonstrated by the "Little Rock Nine" and be introduced to U.S. Federal Judge Ronald N. Davies, from Fargo, who followed the law, and with moral compass defied political pressure requiring the school district in Little Rock to integrate "forthwith."

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"The Road to Little Rock" tells the story of the desegregation decision made by Judge Davies from the judge's vantage point.

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