Park Planning

The following plans outline the National Park Service's goals for preserving and protecting the resources of Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, and for educating visitors about the park's significance.
Cover of general management plan
General Management Plan (8.56 MB PDF Document)
Cover for Long Range Interpretive Plan
Long Range Interpretive Plan (3.02 MB PDF Document)
Cover of the Draft Cultural Landscape Report depicting historic photographs and images of the school.

Draft Cultural Landscape Report (May 2009)

Click below to view our latest draft Cultural Landscape Report. Note that the report is separated by chapters due to the file size. To send us comments related to this draft report, please email us.

Chapter 1 - Administrative Data and Background (2.23 MB PDF)

Chapter 2 - Contributing Features (267 KB PDF)

Chapter 2 - Images
Historic Images (6.08 MB PDF)
Contemporary Images (3.37 MB PDF)
Historic & Contemporary Images (3.17 MB PDF)
Map 2-1 (3.11 MB PDF)
Map 2-2 (336 KB PDF)
Map 2-3 (222 KD PDF)
Map 2-4 (4.86 MB PDF)
Map 2-5 (3.23 MB PDF)

Chapter 3 - Design Guidelines (1.33 MB PDF)

Bibliography and Appendices (972 KB PDF)


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