Boat and swimmers in the lake
Near the shore at Buckhorn on the Lake of the Arbuckles

NPS/Chickasaw National Recreation Area


Boating on the Lake of the Arbuckles is one of the activities that draws visitors to the park. Four launch ramps provide excellent access for all users. Fishing, skiing boats, and paddlecraft all share the waves.

Veterans Lake is open to canoeing, kayaking, and no wake boat use.

There are currently no boat rental facilities in the park.

Boat Launch Permits

Permits are required to use the boat launches at Lake of the Arbuckles. Fee machines are located at the Buckhorn, Point, and Guy Sandy launches. A daily use fee or annual permit may be purchased at these locations.

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Boating Regulations

Before launching your boat in any waters of Chickasaw National Recreation Area, please review the rules and regulations for operating watercraft. There are additional regulations for personal watercraft.

Life Jackets

PFDs (life jackets) saves lives, and we recommend that all boaters wear them, whether required or not.


Avoid Transporting Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic Invasive Species pose a signifcant threat to recreational and commercial waters throughout the United States. Cooperation between agencies and individuals to prevent further spread of these species is vital.

Boaters should:

  1. CLEAN off visible aquatic plants, animals, and mud from watercraft, motor, trailer, and equipment before leaving water access. Scrub hull using a stiff brush. Rinse watercraft, trailer, and equipment with high pressure hot water when possible. Flush motor according to owner’s manual.
  2. DRAIN water from watercraft, motor, bilge, bladder tanks, livewell, and portable bait containers before leaving water access.
  3. DRY everything for five days or more, unless otherwise required by local or state laws, when moving between waters to kill small species not easily seen OR wipe with a towel before reuse.

Visitors who may have discovered new aquatic invasives or new areas of infestation in the state of Oklahoma are encouraged to report to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Early notification can help prevent further spread. Do your part to protect our waterways!

Last updated: July 10, 2022

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