Other Special Uses

Some activities that fall outside normal visitation also require obtaining a SUP. You may review the regulations and download the permit before your visit.

  • Memorial services and the spreading of human ashes.
  • Sporting events, or other events conducted by organized clubs.
  • Religious worship services.
  • Trips organized by scouting groups, churches, academic institutions, or other non-profit organizations. (Fee waivers may be available for educational groups.)
  • Any organized group consisting of more than 40 people conducting an activity in the park.
  • Ceremonies or public assemblies.

Permits are required for any group/organized activity that includes but is not limited to rendezvous & rallies, charity events, sporting, and training events (e.g. cycling/running). If you are unsure if your event/activity requires a permit, please contact us.

Submit a Special Use Permit Application a minimum of three weeks in advance.

Special Use Permit payment may be made through pay.gov. The application fee is $100, except for scattering of ashes, which is $25.

Last updated: February 22, 2024

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