A Legendary Sacred Place

artist drawing of Great House with American Indian celebration nearby
Michael Chiago artwork, part of the wayside image

Commissioned art with restricted use

The remnants of monumental buildings and large walled compounds you see here have been slowly going back to the desert for more than 560 years. The people who used to live here left suddenly.
Many of their descendants still live in the Sonoran Desert today. Others moved to northern Arizona and western New Mexico. Our visitor center film, Casa Grande: House of Many Stories, explains the deep meaning of this place to the descendants of the Ancestral Sonoran Desert People. They regard this place as sacred.

"Siwan Wa'a Ki is a place ... to pray or sing songs to the Huhugam Spirits. The non-O'odham call this sacred place Casa Grande Ruins ... (it) is well known to all people and mentioned in O'odham legends."
Danny Lopez, Tohono O'odham elder


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Last updated: April 6, 2020

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