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Welcome to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
This one square mile park was set aside in 1892 to preserve what remained of an Ancestral Sonoran Desert People's community and irrigation system. You can learn more about the park history in the History & Culture section.

Things to Do

Check out our Things to Do page for ideas in planning your visit. This page will tell you about our visitor center museum and bookstore, park movie, guided tours, and picnic facilities. The typical park visit lasts 2 hours, but it really depends on what you are most interested in and conditions when you visit.

Special Events

Check out our Calendar page for special happenings and events going on in the park. There is generally more happening in the cooler fall and winter compared to the hot summer months. Events include a speaker series, demonstrations by Native American artists and craftsmen, Junior Ranger day, and so much more.


Well behaved pets under physical control (usually a leash 6 foot long or less) are welcome. Please don't leave your pet in your vehicle where it can get very hot very quickly. You may not leave your vehicle running to provide air conditioning. Don't forget to bring your equipment for cleaning up after your pet, too.

Fun for Families

Children can find some excellent adventures using the park Junior Ranger book and speaking with park staff and volunteers. Look at the For Kids section for activities to do before your visit.

sunset at Casa Grande Ruins with saguaro cactus silhouettes framing a silhouette of the Great House
Sunsets at Casa Grande Ruins are often striking, and come in a wide range of colors.

NPS photograph by Mike Yetter

Last updated: March 20, 2024

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1100 W. Ruins Drive
Coolidge, AZ 85128


520 723-3172
General park contact number includes a phone tree for finding the employee you wish to contact. Callers may dial zero for the phone attendant. Voicemail is available for many of the extensions.

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