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As the National Park Service monitors and responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, we work closely with the NPS Office of Public Health to use the latest science to guide our decision making. Access to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is as follows:


  • Visitor center information desk, movie theater, museum exhibits, monument bookstore, Compound A and the picnic area during the hours of 9 am until 4 pm.
  • Compound A is the area normally open to the public for visitation which includes the Great House and visible ruins immediately surrounding the Great House.
  • All public access to the monument 7 days a week.
  • Guided tours will resume in the winter, please contact park for more information.

Current COVID-19 community level of Casa Grande Ruins National Monument: LOW

Mask requirements are based on the CDC's identified COVID-19 by County | CDC, noted above.

  • HIGH: masks are required for everyone indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Indoor areas include park visitor centers and administrative offices.
  • MEDIUM and LOW: masks are optional indoors.
  • Practice physical distancing by maintaining at least 6 feet (2 m) of distance between you and others.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. If you feel sick, please do not visit the park.

While the listed areas are accessible for visitors to enjoy, services may be limited. The CDC has offered guidance to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to monitor all park functions to ensure that visitors adhere to CDC guidance for mitigating risks associated with the transmission of COVID-19 and take any additional steps necessary to protect public health. Find more information about the National Park Service’s response and operations at NPS Public Health Update.

Last updated: March 13, 2023

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