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ruins models to make yourself
Paper models of the Casa Grande let you compare the view today with what the Great House looked like when it was being used.


Create your own Great House Model

Build a pair of paper models (PDF) of the Casa Grande to see what the years have done to the Great House. Print the pages, color the pictures, cut along the solid edge lines, and fold on the dashed lines to make your models.

ruins coloring page
Preview of coloring page


Do you like coloring pages?

Color a picture of the Casa Grande Ruins (PDF). See which surrounding plants and animals you recognize. How many animals can you find in the picture? What is special about the tall cacti? What color would you pick for the sheltering roof that protects the remains of the Casa Grande?


What about word puzzles?

How well do you know the story of the Casa Grande Ruins? You can test your knowledge of the Sonoran Desert people using word searches (PDF).

Needs some help or want to check your answers? Keep searching those squares for word searches answers (PDF).

Last updated: April 12, 2020

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