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The story of Casa Grande Ruins begins before recorded history. The ancestral Sonoran Desert people built a large and thriving community in the middle of a desert valley.

Early Explorers and Scientists

From Padre Kino, Juan Bautiste de Anza, and General Kearney to Mary Hemenway, Dr. Jesse Fewkes, and Dr. Emil Haury there have been curious people puzzling out the story of Casa Grande Ruins.

Past Family Connections

Once the park was protected as a prehistoric and cultural site in 1892 citizens all over the United States learned about Casa Grande Ruins and the importance of protecting the park. Perhaps you have a CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) enrollee in your family tree? Or maybe you have photographs of an ancestor visiting the ruins? Please contact us and share your stories.

The Park Today

There is more to enjoy than just the one large "great house." From natural features such as saguaro cactus to flickers living inside them, children's programs for families to formal education programs for schools, and bookstore offerings and news you can customize your visit to meet your goals.

Historic Image of the Great House
Historic photograph of the Great House before roof shelter, preservation treatments, or excavation. 

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Last updated: February 21, 2024

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