SUP General Restrictions and Conditions

  • A Special Use Permit does not grant exclusive access to any park area.
  • A Special Use Permit does not allow the permittee to restrict park visitors, by any means, from any park location or reserve any park area from public use.
  • Permit activities may be restricted based on environmental or seasonal conditions (fire danger, standing water, nesting season, road closures, storms etc.). Additional closures, use limits and /or restricted activities are listed in the Superintendent's Compendium.
  • Activities that may damage, significantly impact, or alter park resources are prohibited.
  • Erection of tents or other structures is prohibited.
  • In case of inclement weather, no alternate interior locations are available.
  • Freestanding flowers are permitted as site decorations.
  • Amplified live or recorded music or voice is prohibited. Solo acoustic accompaniment is allowed through a Special Use Permit.
  • Throwing confetti, rice, etc. or releasing of balloons, candle lanterns, or similar activity is prohibited.
  • The use of up to10 folding chairs and a maximum of two folding tables per event may be permitted.
  • Parking spaces may not be reserved or held.
  • Signs of any kind are generally not permitted. Please inquire with the Commercial Services Office.
  • The exchange of money or sales of any food, merchandise or goods and services are prohibited.
  • Any litter generated by an event is the responsibility of the permittee and must be removed and disposed of outside the Seashore.
  • The permittee accepts responsibility for leaving the area the way it was found.
  • Certain events may require the presence of a Park Ranger, at the expense of the Permittee, to ensure resource protection and public safety.
  • Entrance fees are not waived for any event applicants/attendees.
For special restrictions please see the following page regarding Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) including, but not limited to drones.

Last updated: February 25, 2021

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