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Scattering of Ashes

Cabrillo National Monument is certainly a beautiful place that has touched many hearts. On occasion, visitors have wanted to memorialize a loved one who has passed away by scattering their ashes, and we certainly understand that sentiment, unfortunately due to Cabrillo National Monument's natural terrain and historical features it does not lend itself to lawfully abiding by California State Law nor the federally enforced Clean Water Act and we are unable to permit these types of requests.

Ashes can be spread at some state parks, but not in National Forests. In San Diego you may reach out to the Neptune Society (for at sea services) or to Torrey Pines State Reserve (for land based services). Permits, fees and applications will be required.

Memorial Services

If you do decide to request such a Memorial Service to be held at Cabrillo National Monument, please be aware that there are some rules that must be observed and a permit application, require 21 buisness days' notice to process any, and must be accompanied with the $100 application processing fee. Choose the appropriate format for the permit application ( (pdf) (Word) ).

  • Memorial Services will be permitted for priority use of the event bluff for one hour of time only. Cabrillo National Monument does not permit exclusive use.
  • No marker or memorial of any sort may be placed or left at the site. The placement or planting of real or artificial flowers, memorial trees, brass markers, wooden crosses, etc. is prohibited.
  • No ashes, birds, butterflies, or objects either natural or artificial may be released in conjunction with the Memorial Service.
  • Additional conditions will apply.

General Permit Conditions

Permits may be submitted in person at the Park or attached via email.

Cabrillo National Monument
C/O Special Park Uses
1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive
San Diego, CA 92106

Failure to abide by the Park rules and guidelines can result in fees and fines that may include and are not limited to:
- $200 scattering ashes without a permit (CFR 2.62)
- $100 violation of terms of permit (CFR 2.62)
- $200 disposing of refuse improperly (CFR 2.14)
- $150 trespassing on property not open to the public (CFR 2.31)

Last updated: September 16, 2018

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