Permit Conditions

General Permit Conditions

  • All natural and cultural resources are protected by law. Please stay on the pavement, or established trails. Please do not collect anything, including picking the flowers.
  • All vehicles must remain on the established roadway or parking surface. No vehicle travel off the established roadway will be permitted.
  • Obey all traffic laws (stop signs, speed limit, pedestrian right of way, etc.).
  • Cabrillo National Monument does not provide equipment such as tables, chairs, podiums, extension cords, etc.
  • We are a trash-free park. All trash and debris brought into the park must be packed out of the park at the close of each day.
  • Cabrillo National Monument is a smoke free and vape free park. All areas of the park are closed to smoking, which includes tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and vaping.
  • Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on the set or in the park. Violators will be cited and/or arrested.
  • Pets - For the health and safety of native wildlife and of your animal companions, pets are not allowed in the park, except in the tidepool trails, on a leash of no more than six feet. Service animals are always allowed. No ESA or Comfort animals.
  • Cell Phone Service - You may receive a welcome text message on your phone from Mexico. To avoid international roaming fees and save your battery life, switch to airplane mode.
  • Drones - The use of drones for personal and commercial film and photography is prohibited at Cabrillo and in all national parks.
  • No blocking access to any area of the park or traffic lanes.
  • Parking only in main parking area.

Commercial Filming Permit Conditions

  • The park’s first priority is the protection of the park resource. Most filming requests can be accommodated if made with enough lead-time. Please Ask first!
  • The ranger supervising the site has the authority to authorize most activities as allowed under the terms of the permit. The ranger may also shut down all or part of the production and/or require that any or all the cast and crew members leave the park.
  • All sites, sets, and staging areas must be kept clean and safe at all times. Areas must be kept free of loose trash and debris. Park Ranger may shut down the production if the working areas are not kept clear and clean.
  • All persons associated with the commercial photography will treat ALL visitors with courtesy and politeness. Visitors are allowed to walk anywhere in the park and they are allowed in the areas around a set. Answer visitors with courtesy and ask visitors politely to move out of camera. Production can be suspended due to visitor complaints of rude treatment.
  • All vehicles must remain on the established roadway or parking surface. No vehicle travel off the established roadway will be permitted. Vehicles include but not limited to cars, trucks, motorhomes, motorcycles, bicycles, prop carts, camera carts, and/or western dollies.
  • Set is allowed only in the parking area not on sidewalks.

Last updated: April 1, 2024

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