Cognitive Services

Cabrillo National Monument welcomes individuals who have any cognitive concerns! The following services are available to you. If there is something else you may need to help your visit be easier, please call ahead. For more information, please ask a ranger at the park or contact us in advance. Please email or call 619-523-4285.

Isolated Area in the Park

Looking to get away from crowds and noise? The Ballast View Overlook is a concrete round area surrounded by bushes and trees. There are several benches in which to sit and rest. This area can be accessed in 2 ways: from the main parking lot following a concrete path by the bus stop or from the visitor center following a concrete path by the men's bathroom.


There are several loud sounds that are heard on a regular basis in different areas of the park. The Visitor Center is close to the North Island Naval Air Base. Therefore, several loud planes and helicopters roar through the bay area. You can also hear sea lions barking, the clang of the metal on 2 flagpoles, and the crash of waves against the cliffs.


Open-Captioned Films

All films and videos shown at the park are open-captioned.

Tactile Models

Tactile models of a Pacific Gray Whale, the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, and the Point Loma Peninsula are located outside near the lighthouse area. Etchings of life-sized Gray Whales and Giant Kelp are in the concrete under your feet at the Kelp Overlook. How many steps does it takes for you to get across the body of a whale? And that's not a rock on the south side of the concrete whale, it's the whale's eye!

Round disc with a hand holding an electronic pen and the logo for Audio Description.
Tactile marker found at the bottom right of each wayside sign.

NPS Photo/ Gray

Audio-Described Wayside Signs

The Tactile Talking Pen and Tactile Map is available for use throughout the park. 40 informational signs along paths and in front of buildings use a tactile marker that auditorily states the view around the sign; the name, text, and description of the sign; and directions to the next tactile marker. The pen can be used with or without the spiralbound tactile map. The tactile map breaks up the park into sections for more detailed views. Please ask a ranger at the Visitor Center for assistance.

Volunteer at Cabrillo National Monument!

Local to the park? We can use your help! We have several volunteer opportunities available to you. One opportunity is the Accessibility Support Assistant. People in this volunteer position will help Cabrillo National Monument stay accessible and welcoming as possible to individuals who have any type of cognitive service need.

Last updated: September 28, 2020

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