Weed Warrior Volunteers

Three park volunteers in an assortment of blue and white clothing and green gloves crouch near the base of a cliff and pull invasive plant species.

NPS Photo/L. Brown

Cabrillo National Monument is on the southern-most tip of the Point Loma Peninsula, which serves as a treasure trove for plant and animal diversity. As urban and suburban sprawl covers Point Loma and its surroundings, our park becomes more of a haven for these native species. But did you know that the spread of invasive, non-native species is one of the leading causes of ecosystem degradation?

Weed Warriors are dedicated to the native habitat restoration and preservation of ecosystems here at Cabrillo National Monument. Out in the park, Weed Warriors reclaim the ecosystem’s beauty and health by identifying and eradicating these invasive, non-native vegetation that compete with the natural flora.

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2 minutes, 23 seconds

This is an overview of the Weed Warriors program at Cabrillo National Monument. The Weed Warriors group removes invasive non-native plant species.

A group of fifteen people stand together on a paved path, holding ten, half-way filled trash bags. Above them is an overcast sky and behind them are roped-off green hedges and a walkway, in which three people on the far-right walk on.

NPS Photo/S. Nouriboshehri

Calling native plant advocates! Whether you’re an individual wanting to commit to a regular schedule or a group looking to drop in and serve the park, we are looking to recruit more volunteers to join the nationally recognized Weed Warriors! To find out more about availability and eligibility, please contact cabr_volunteers@nps.gov for current and upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Last updated: August 13, 2022

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