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Cabrillo National Monument protects a unique and diverse landscape thriving with life. Follow our science teams into the field and discover the stories of our park’s natural resources and beyond.

What Do Greenhouse Volunteers Do at Cabrillo National Monument?

December 11, 2019 Posted by: Conservation and Environmental Stewardship Apprentice Felix Asadi

10 Things You Can Do To Stop Invasive Species

August 31, 2018 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas & Melonie Brown

“We love to see thriving flora and fauna, so long as they are in their native habitats and do not harm the environment in the process. Ongoing efforts are being made by the National Park Service and its partners to ensure the preservation of our parks for years to come. However, this requires cooperation from visitors and your support to help prevent the spread of invasive species.”


Venomous versus poisonous. Same thing, right? Wrong!

July 18, 2018 Posted by: Stephanie Root

Animals (and plants) have evolved different strategies to ward off predators. Some species have developed toxins to do this, but there are different ways the toxins can affect these would-be predators. We will delve into the differences between the terms “venomous” and “poisonous,” which are often used synonymously in conversation, but have completely different meanings.


Creature Feature: Dead Man’s Fingers (Codium fragile)

November 27, 2017 Posted by: Alex Warneke

In your last visit to the tidepools, did you come across a specimen that looked like green fingers? This unique seaweed, known as Dead Man’s Fingers or Codium fragile, has a weird appearance and feels fuzzy- learn more in this edition of Creature Feature.


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