Navajo Trail

Thor's Hammer on the Navajo Trail
Dawn on the Navajo Trail at Thor's Hammer.

Photographed by Brian B. Roanhorse 19 October, 2015.

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Navajo Trail begins at Sunset Point and travels down into the main amphitheater. This is one of the more popular trails and can be combined with the Queens Garden Trail which will create a longer, but more varied, loop.

While hiking, please be mindful at all times of the loose rocks which can roll on the trail beneath your feet, and rocks that may fall from cliffs above you. A major rock slide occurred in 2006, and subsequent rock slides occurred in 2010 and 2011.

Your safety is our main concern and extra caution is advised due to the fact that more rocks fall on this trail than any other trail in the park.

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flat Topographical image of Navajo loop Trail.
Topographical image of Navajo Trail (marked in red).


Elevation Profile of the Navajo Trail

Total Distance:

1.3 miles
2.16 km


550 feet
167 m


550 feet
167 m


7479/8000 feet
2279/2438 m

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