Pingue Rubberweed

Closeup color photo of bright yellow flowers against a green leafy background
Pingue Rubberweed

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Pingue Rubberweed

Hymenoxys richardsonii

Common Names: Pingue Rubberplant, Colorado Rubberplant
Family: Asteraceae
Flowering Season (Bryce Region): Early spring until first frost
Size: 0.5 meter in height
Range: Western United States and Western Canada

General Description

A small, bushy plant about 0.5 meter high. The stalk is thick and woody with stem bases covered with a woolly growth. Colorado rubberweed belongs to the sunflower family. It has golden-yellow or orange flowers that resemble asters. Woolly, cotton like fibers are often attached at the crown of the plant.


Grows in dry areas of the West at elevations of 6000 to 8000 feet. It is found mostly on mountains and foothills.

Plant Lore

All aboveground parts of the plant contain a poisonous sesquiterpene lactone which can slowly build up in the bodies of livestock, eventually harming the animal. In areas where desirable forage plants are crowded out, Pingue Rubberweed appears and begins to spread.

Among the Zuni people of New Mexico, a poultice made from the root is applied to sores and rashes. An infusion made from the root is used to calm a stomachach.

Further Reading

USDA Agricultural Research Service - Colorado Rubberweed

Last updated: April 30, 2023

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