Habitat Restoration

Volunteer removes invasive pepperweed on Thompson Island.

Habitat Restoration
Island habitat restoration activities bring together a community of park stewards to protect and enhance native biodiversity in wild natural areas of the park. The Boston Harbor Islands contain an array of complex ecosystems, including coastal woodlands and meadows, beaches and marshes, intertidal and subtidal zones. Native biotic communities have regenerated since the harbor cleanup. Still the islands continue to be shaped by natural forces and human actions. On habitat restoration projects, volunteers will learn to identify and remove invasive species in island habitats.

  • To volunteer on a habitat restoration project, register for Stewardship Saturdays, a year round program that accommodates individuals, families, and small groups with less than 8 people.
  • Groups of 8 or more can work with the National Park Service VIP Coordinator to organize a volunteer day. Charter fees may apply. To begin, visit the Park Guardian page.
  • To look at a past project, check out the Beach Grass Planting Project.

Invasive Species
If you would like learn more about the invasive species that park volunteers learn to identify, remove or control in habitat restoration projects, check out the:

» Invasive Species Most Wanted List (PDF)

Last updated: April 13, 2020

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