Boston African American NHS Conferences, 2011

One of BOAF's missions is to engage the community through citizen participation, school programs and civic service.Through education and community outreach, BOAF aims to share the rich history of the free African American community on Beacon Hill in the 19th century and the black and white abolitionist movement that thrived there.

As part of this effort, BOAF attended and participated in both the Blacks in Government (BIG) Conference and the National Urban League Conference held in Boston this summer. Incorporated in 1975, BIG is a non-profit organization whose goals are to promote equity in all aspects of American life, excellence in public service, and opportunity for all Americans. Specifically, BIG sponsored a Health Awareness Program in Boston. This initiative was designed to cut down on obesity within the African American community. This year's National Urban League Conference promoted the theme that Jobs Rebuild America. Another aim of the National Urban League was to advance Boston as a culturally vibrant and inclusive city.

Participation in these conferences allowed BOAF to expand its reach to a new and broader audience and to keep Beacon Hill's 19th century spirit of citizen activism and involvement alive and well in the 21st century.

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