"Their Dreams, Their Rights, and Their Love" LGBTQ+ History Audio Tour

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Join us on a ten-stop tour exploring Boston’s historic LGBTQ+ community and consider the ways they asked and answered the fundamental American questions - about freedom, voice, and how change is made - in their own time and ways.

This self-guided audio tour is also available on the free NPS app! You can download this tour ahead of your visit and listen along as you walk through Boston.

Total run time of all 10 audio clips: 39 minutes, 54 seconds.


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How to find "Their Dreams, Their Rights, and Their Love" on the NPS App

  1. Download the free NPS App from your preferred app store
  2. Tap "Find a Park" and search "Boston African American National Historic Site"
  3. Select "Boston African American National Historic Site, Massachusetts," which will take you to the park homepage on the App
  4. Tap "Self-Guided Audio Tours"
  5. Select "Their Dreams, Their Rights, and Their Love" A LGBT History Tour

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To learn more stories related to the LGBTQ+ History of Boston, and view the resources used in this tour explore below

Last updated: December 7, 2023

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