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Students explore the seagrass meadows.
Students identify fish in Biscayne Bay.


BISCAYNE EXPLORER: WILDLIFE INVENTORY AND NATURE STUDY is a standards-based, ranger-led program that brings the practice of science to life. This program offers students the opportunity to perform some of the same tasks park scientists perform, including microscopic analysis, seagrass seining and inventorying wildlife. Species identification and surveying are critical responsibilities that help to ensure proper management of natural resources.

Upon your arrival to the Dante Fascell Visitor Center, your class will be greeted by a park ranger who will provide your group with a brief orientation. The ranger will then lead your class along activity stations (large groups may need teachers and chaperones to lead, as well as the park ranger.) Students will use a plankton tow to collect organisms and then examine them under a microscope. Rangers will use a seine net to bring up juvenile fish and invertebrates for students to examine. Students will also take a nature walk to explore the inter-dependency of the park's resources. Teachers can also choose to incorporate art to their visit through water color painting.

Grades: 4th-12th grade

Ranger led: Yes

Standards based: Yes

Group size: 15-45 Students

Minimum chaperones: One per every ten students

Program days: Thursdays and Fridays Program dates: October-June, except January and February

To register, please fill out the Biscayne Explore request form

For more information: Call 305-230-7275 x08 or e-mail us

Students on boat tour
Students enjoying boat tour of Biscayne National Park


EVERY KID IN A PARK: BOAT TOUR is a standards-based, ranger-led program which immerses 4th grade students in Biscayne's maritime habitats. Students have an opportunity to connect the South Florida watershed to the Florida reef tract. Students make connections through ranger narratives and first hand observation of the ecosystems which surround them on a boat tour across Biscayne Bay.

Time permitting, students will disembark on one of Biscayne's Islands. Elliott Key, Boca Chita and Adams Key allow students to experience the wild places protected with the National Park Service. These islands provide critical habitat for endemic and endangered species, such as the White Crowned Pigeon and Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly. Students learn how scientists collaborate to save these species. Students will observe the interdependent nature of South Florida's resources and their place within them.

Grades: 4th

Ranger led: Yes

Group size: 20-35 students

Chaperones: 1 per every 5 students

Program Dates: Mondays and Tuesdays, October-June, except January and February

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For more information: Call 305-230-7275 x08 or e-mail us.


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