Keep Wildlife Wild

Don't feed the wildlife

Feeding animals at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is not only unhealthy for park wildlife, it can also be dangerous for humans. Please avoid the temptation to feed park animals.

Close Calls
Animals that are fed by humans may become aggressive. Each year at Bighorn Canyon, there are close calls between humans and animals at the park’s campgrounds. Nocturnal animals roam the campground in the evening hours, looking for food that hasn't been stowed properly. Keep your food and all scented items in your vehicle.

In campsites and at trailheads and picnic areas, squirrels will often approach people to beg for food. Squirrels can pose a serious threat to humans. They can transmit diseases such as rabies and bubonic plague, even if you don't make contact with them.

What To Do
If an animal approaches you, act immediately to scare it away. Keep your food and scented items within arm's reach. When you're done with them, stow them safely in your vehicle. If you're camping, keep a clean campsite, and never leave trash out at night.

Each park faces different challenges with keeping human food away from wildlife. At any camping area, be sure to ask about food storage regulations when you check into your site.

It’s The Law
If you feed wildlife, intentionally or unintentionally, you could be cited under 36 CFR 2.10(d) or 2.2(a)(2).

Human food is harmful to wildlife, and feeding park animals is dangerous to humans. Please enjoy the animals of Bighorn Canyon from a distance. Please keep food in a vehicle or the bear boxes at Barry's Landing. The bear boxes work best.

Last updated: October 19, 2014

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