Campground Regulations

Have a safe and enjoyable camping experience by following the regulations listed below! For a printable copy of these campground regulations click here...

1. Campsites are first come – first serve and are limited in number. Only the person(s) occupying and present at the site may hold it. Reserving or holding a site for a friend or a third party that is not present on site is not allowed.

2. Quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 6:00 am and are strictly enforced.

3. Campers or tents may not be left unattended for more than 24 hours.

4. All camping equipment / vehicles (to include trucks, cars, boats, trailers, tents,etc.) shall not overflow the borders of your designated camping site (extra vehicles can be parked in marina lots).

5. Fires must be attended at all times or must be completely extinguished (cold to the touch).

6. Any waste water from camping activities must be disposed of in vault toilets (TrailCreek Campground) or RV dump site (Horseshoe Bend Campground). Wastewater will not be dumped on the ground.

7. Pets must be crated, caged or restrained on a leash which shall not exceed 6 feet in length in developed areas. No pets will be left unattended at a campsite. Pet owners are responsible for solid pet waste, it must be picked up and disposed of in garbage cans. No pets are allowed at the swim beach areas.

8. All motor vehicles (including ATVs and utility vehicles) must be licensed,insured, and driven by a licensed driver. Parking or driving off road is prohibitedin the park.

9. No more than 14 consecutive days may be spent at any one park campground. A 24 hour time period must elapse before a new 14 day period starts. Camping is limited to a maximum of 30 days per calendar year per person.

10. Front country camping is allowed only in designated campsites (those having table and grill).

11. Bathing, brushing teeth or washing property at any water outlet is prohibited.

12. Connecting to any utility system is prohibited except at a paid utility site in the Horseshoe Bend campground.

13. Digging, leveling, trenching or disturbing the ground at any campsite is prohibited.

14. No devices of any type may be attached to trees or vegetation in a campground.

15. All camping equipment must be removed and the campsite cleaned prior todeparting.

16. No horses or pack animals may be kept in front country camping areas.

17. Dead and/or downed wood (this includes driftwood) may be collected for immediate, personal use.

18. Fires in developed areas are permitted only in park established fire rings, grills or portable stoves (unless high fire danger restrictions are in effect).

19. Hunting with or discharging of weapons in any developed area or campground isprohibited.

20. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park, no open containers are allowed inmotor vehicles. Glass containers are not allowed on the swim beaches.

21. Food and/or food preparation items will be properly stored in a vehicle or hard sided container (follow instructions posted at campgrounds).

22. Using or possessing fireworks and firecrackers is prohibited in the park.

Designated front country camping areas in the South District of Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area are the following:

  • Medicine Creek Campground – tents only
  • Trail Creek Campground – tents or RVs
  • Barry’s Landing parking lot – tents and hard sided units allowed only on gravel
  • Horseshoe Bend Campground – tents or RVs

Any other locations not listed above within the South District of Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area will be considered back-country camping areas. Additional or different regulations may apply to these other areas.

Last updated: March 31, 2012

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