Aquatic Invasive Species Wyoming Decals - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee structure for the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) decals?

  • Motorized watercraft registered in Wyoming = $10 AIS decal (Can be purchased for 3 years for $30)
  • Motorized watercraft registered in any other state = $30 AIS decal
  • Non-motorized watercraft owned by a Wyoming resident = $5 AIS decal
  • Non-motorized watercraft owned by a non-resident = $15 AIS decal
  • Non-motorized inflatable watercraft ten feet in length and under are exempt from the decal requirement.
  • You can purchase decals at the Conoco Gas Station in Lovell, WY.

What will the AIS decal fees be used for?
Fees collected for the AIS decals will fund the AIS program in Wyoming. These fees will pay for programs to educate the public about AIS, prevention efforts to keep AIS from being introduced into Wyoming such as watercraft inspections, enforcement, and implementation of AIS regulations.

Why are only boaters being charged for the AIS decal?
Watercraft are the primary means that AIS, especially zebra and quagga mussels, are transported and therefore are the greatest risk for spreading AIS to and within Wyoming. We do not yet have any confirmed waters with invasive mussels, but waters could have mussels in them before we can detect them. So, all watercraft present a risk for transporting AIS. It is very important for all boaters, even those only boating in Wyoming, to follow the Drain, Clean, and Dry protocol.

In addition, the Wyoming legislature appropriated $1.5 million in general fund monies to fund AIS prevention activities in 2010-this money is paid by all Wyoming residents to help protect our waters.

Where do I place the AIS decal on my watercraft?
For motorized watercraft, AIS decals shall be displayed on the starboard (right) side of the watercraft, six inches aft (back) of the watercraft registration number. For non-motorized watercraft AIS decals shall be displayed on the starboard (right) side of the bow. All AIS decals shall be displayed in a visible manner while the watercraft is underway.

Does the AIS decal indicate a watercraft has been inspected?
No, an AIS decal is not proof a watercraft has been inspected. The AIS decal is a funding mechanism for the AIS program.

Are AIS decals different colors for motorized versus non-motorized watercraft?
No, current year AIS decals are the same color as Wyoming watercraft registration decals.

Why are inflatable watercraft under 10' exempt from AIS decals?
These watercraft present a very low risk for transporting AIS because they typically do not hold or transport water, do not have hard surfaces for quagga and zebra mussels to attach to, and are not moored in the water long enough for quagga and zebra mussels to attach.

Will the AIS decals distinguish between resident and nonresident as well as motorized and non-motorized?
Yes, each AIS decal will specify if it is for motorized/non-motorized as well as resident/nonresident. These various classifications will be printed on each AIS decal.

When and where can I get an AIS decal?
AIS decals will be available on the WGFD website, and will be available from automated license selling agents across Wyoming. When purchasing the decal, either on the WGFD website or at a license agent, you will be given a receipt that will allow you to launch your watercraft in Wyoming for 10 business days. A permanent decal will be mailed to you within 10 business days.

What happens if I lose a decal?
If you lose a decal, you will be required to purchase a new decal. Duplicate decals will not be available.

How long are AIS decals valid for?
AIS decals are valid for the calendar year; they will expire on December 31 of year purchased unless a 3 year decal is purchased.

When will I have to have an AIS decal?
As of May 17, 2010, boaters have been required to have an AIS decal on your watercraft before launching on or entering into Wyoming waters.

Is it a violation not to have an AIS decal on a watercraft?
Yes, Wyoming Game and Fish Department Commission regulations require that all watercraft must have an AIS decal, prior to launching on or entering into the waters of the State. Watercraft which are inflatable and less than 10 feet in length are exempt from the AIS decal provision.

When a watercraft with a current AIS decal changes ownership, does the new owner need to buy another AIS decal?
No, the AIS decal remains attached to the watercraft and is valid for the remainder of the calendar year.

Last updated: July 9, 2015

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